Myfresh Manufacturing was established in 2009 and started with a small factory manufacturing popular fruit juice concentrates and other beverage concentrates made from natural 
ingredients. The products were sold both in Singapore (by CBI) and locally. Myfresh has since moved into a much bigger, modern and well-equipped factory since 2015. Myfresh’s reputable products continue to be widely used in Singapore’s food service establishments and we pride ourselves that we could continue to delivery our promises to our customers wherever they are located.

Ensuring that customers and consumers continue to enjoy our beverage products, annually Myfresh’s factory processes hundreds of metric tons of fresh Calamansi and Lime fruits, another couple of hundreds metric tons of Water Chestnuts and other natural produce. Much of the Calamansi and Lime are obtained from local fruit orchards. Regardless that processed ingredients and simulated flavours are ready available, we continue to use a lot of natural ingredients in our products. Some invaluable information; our Barley Beverage Concentrate is made from good Barley grains from Holland which are ground to powder in out factory before it is cooked in steam jacketed cookers. Since these processes are diligently conducted, we are proud to say that even our Barley Powder product is certified Halal by JAKIM.

Our fresh Calamansi and Lime Juices are simply pressed out of fresh fruits and delicately filtered. Depending on requirements or customers’ preferences, these juices could also be pasteurized and frozen (blast freezer) for better preservative free choice products. Our Calamansi and Lime juice products are simply not made from concentrates (NFC).

In our factory, various processing technologies are employed depending on needs of the final product or our customer. We have facilities and equipment to “cold-press”, freezing, cooking, homogenizing, pasteuring and hot-filling. Products are finally filled in tamper proof clean containers of convenient size or other convenient bulk and smaller containers.

Myfresh maintains a well-equipped modern beverage products plant and a team of dedicated and committed staff who have the capacity and capability to produce many beverage products. Together with the good manufacturing practices,  food safety programme system (HACCP) in place and Halal certification, Myfresh strives to be the supplier of choice to our customers.

We are also pleased to say that our steam boiler is fired by cleaner fuel alternative; liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Alternative cleaner energy is one of our cherished energy of choice in the near future. Not to be ignored, waste management is also properly addressed complying to legislated requirements.



Creative Beverage Ingredients (CBI) is a leading F&B distribution channel manager in Singapore. It has an extensive and intensive distribution network covering food service establishments in Singapore, whether traditional or modern outlets.

On top of all these, CBI could provide delivery of our alternative thirst quenchers right into the cup! The presence of these chill beverage dispensers is very evident in many eating places in Singapore where the “eating out” culture is an embedded life style. For consumers and business partners, these dispensers give immediate visual impact and motivation to select choices. In most cases, this proposition has become a very viable and essential point-of-sale aid in our present day competitive environment, CBI really gives our business partners “last mile delivery” advantages.